LAHORE Masses keeping in view the sacrifice of Imam Hussain should rise against the unjust system, as no real change could take place without the peoples support, said Allama Qari Zawar Bahadur, central secretary general JUP. He expressed these views while addressing two-day Shahdat Conference at Jamia Muhammadiya Rizvia on Wednesday. He said that Imam Hussain has faced the mighty forces of unjust system of Yazeed with his family members and followers without fearing the consequences and set a golden example of sacrifice against the tyrant and unjust ruler. Meanwhile, Imam Noorani and Tahafuzz Namoos-i-Risalat Conference will be held on December 10 at Markaz Al Islami, which will be presided over by Sahibzada Shah Owais Noorani, while other leaders of the JUP will also address on this occasion.