ISLAMABAD (APP) - Various sugar mills of Punjab are cutting weight of sugarcane in the name of non-variety of the crop and also offering lesser price to the farmers than the rates announced by the government for the year 2011-12, the farmers complained on Wednesday. Talking to APP, Secretary General Kisan Bachaoo Tehreek Ahmed Noor Advocate from Sargodha said, We are in a fix to know that how the non-varieties of the sugarcane can be replaced with new variety in a short span of time, He said the prices of inputs of the crops including fertilizers, pesticides and diesel have increased, but why the farmers were being paid lesser rates on non-variety of sugarcane. Ahmed Nawaz Dhuddi, an affected farmer of Sahiwal (Sargodha) said before sending sugarcane to a sugar mill of the District (Sargodha), he weighed his crop from a private weighing machine, but the sugar mill weighed the crop 3200 kg less, in the name of non-variety. He said that it was unjust to the farmers community by the mill owners.Another farmer Rai Farooq said that the sugar mill owners were offering lesser price of the crops at Rs. 145 per 40 kg, while the government has fixed the price at Rs. 150 per 40 kg. Another farmers Ghulam Ali said that hike in petroleum products and electricity was affecting the production due to high cost. The sugar mill owners he blamed were not paying farmers dues worth millions of rupees pending since 2010. The farmers have demanded of the government to take result-oriented measures and subsidised facilities to ensure economic security to the farmers.