ISLAMABAD (Online) - The US has resumed talks with Taliban and another round has been held in Qatar , sources told Online on Wednesday. However, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid via an e-mail did not confirm the report. 'I do not know about this yet, Mujahid said. The sources said that some European sympathisers of Taliban brokered meeting between Talibans representatives and US senior officials. Tayyab Agha, former Private Secretary and spokesman of Talibans Supreme Commander Mullah Omer, led the negotiations with US officials, the sources informed. They stated that Talibans former Ambassador to Islamabad Shahabudin Dilawar and former Second Secretary in Afghan Embassy during their regime Sohail Shaheen accompanied Agha. Three rounds of talks had been held between the US and Taliban in Germany and Doha. However, the negotiations were deadlocked after the US had revealed the information to American media. Earlier, the talks were moderated by Michael Steiner, Germanys special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan and one of the countrys most experienced diplomats. Steiner is very optimistic about the current situation in the region and considers a political solution in Afghanistan possible. The sources said that the fresh round of talks with Taliban also concluded without any major breakthrough, probably, because of the negotiators from US side. Talking to journalists after the conference in Bonn, Afghan President Hamid Karzai clearly said that Pakistans role in any negotiations with the Taliban is very important and 'that is what we are seeking. US Secretary for States in her speech during the Bonn Conference on December 5 was very careful about agitating Pakistan, who had boycotted the conference because of the NATO raids against two Pakistani posts along Afghan border killing 24 Pakistani soldiers, saying that it was unfortunate Pakistan boycotted the Bonn conference on Afghanistan but said Islamabad still had a crucial role to play. Germany, US and Afghanistan have expressed wishes that Pakistan should help in negotiating peace in Afghanistan and consider its role very important in this connection now.