LAHORE - Punjab University Department of Gender Studies, in collaboration with Strengthening Participatory Organisation organised a seminar on 'Gender Based Violence; Issues and Challenges to mark 16 days of activism on gender issues. Mahnaz Rafi, Dr Samia, SPO Regional Director Salman Abid, Departments Chairperson Dr Samar Fatima and Raana Malik were the speakers on the occasion. Addressing the seminar, the speakers highlighted the issues of violence against women and stressed the need to address it at different levels of the society. They said the woman was the best companion of man. Woman was a great gift of Almighty Allah in the shape of a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. Women should promote better patience in them to reduce the incidents of domestic violence. The speakers were of the view that not only men, but women were also involved in violence incidents against women. Islam also teaches us equality with men and women. They said the reasons behind violence against women in our society were lack of education and unawareness about their rights. They said in foreign countries, the reason behind low number of violence incidents include women were educated and know about their rights. The speakers said the development of society based on womens development therefore the students of PU Gender Studies Department should carry research to highlight the womens issues and put the society on right path.