President of PML-Q Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that President Asif Ali Zardari would not resign and complete his mandated term. Talking to media persons here in Lahore Thursday after inquiring about the health of Haji Abdul Wahab, Amir of Tableegi Jamaat, Ch Shujaat Hussain said that President Zardari was unwell and gone to Dubai for checkup. He hoped that Zardari would recover soon and return to Pakistan. He said there was no question of his leaving the office before completion of his five-year term. He said when the time comes for next presidential elections, it would be decided whether he should run for the post. In reply to a question, the PML-Q president said Memogate is a fraud and a person sitting outside the country was creating doubts in the minds of the people. Shujaat said he has neither received any communication from PML-N nor was any expected. He made it clear that they have no intention to enter into an alliance with the PML-N and every party would contest the elections on its own strength. To another question, he said that every party has the right to go to the people and contest the elections on the basis of its manifesto. However, he strongly opposed lotacracy which was bringing bad name to politicians. He said he is aware that people are joining PTI but was confident that no member of his party would join its ranks.