ISLAMABAD President Asif Zardari was hospitalised with a heart condition in Dubai , triggering speculation that it could be used as an excuse for him to step down amid growing pressure from the military. A government spokesman said Mr Zardari had suffered a 'minor heart attack, but this was at odds with the statement of Presidents Spokesman Farhatullah Babar, who said the president had gone for routine tests for a pre-existing heart condition. According to sources, the president was admitted to the Dubai American Hospital for medical treatment after suffering a mild pain in the chest and his close aides and party leaders said his condition was stable and doctors at hospital have advised him complete rest. Some sources reported that the president was advised a heart bypass by the team of doctors which had examined him at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) when he was brought here for check-up on Tuesday evening as he felt pain in his chest. However, Farhatullah denied his check-up at AFIC and said that President Zardari was examined at Presidency and he proceeded to Dubai for his medical check-up as scheduled earlier. He also refuted the reports of his likely resignation on health grounds, terming them as mere speculations, and added that the president would return back soon to assume his duties. Zardari had said Sunday that he would soon address a joint session of parliament. It was unclear if the health scare would delay that plan, though some party sources said that postponement of his address was certain as doctors advised the president to take rest for at least a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, rumours fuelled by an American media report of a coup or a resignation forced by the military consumed the media and the internet. The website of the US magazine Foreign Policy reported that Zardari had been considering his resignation over health fears and the 'Memogate scandal. The article quoted an unnamed former US government official as saying that parts of the US government were informed that Zardari may have angioplasty on Wednesday and may also resign on account of ill health. Zardari was 'incoherent when he spoke to President Barack Obama by telephone over the weekend following Nato air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, the US official told the magazine. Zardaris son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is also PPP chairman, met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in Islamabad, adding to media hysteria about imminent change. According to official statement, during the meeting, Bilawal expressed satisfaction over the health of President Asif Ali Zardari. He told the prime minister that after initial medical inspection, the doctors in Dubai have stayed the presidents health as satisfactory. However, he said doctors have yet to determine whether he fell ill 'due to an adverse affect of medication or it was 'a development related to his pre-existing cardiac condition. Zardaris aides said he would not resign. He had a minor heart attack on Tuesday. He flew to Dubai where he had an angioplasty. Hes in good health now. He will come back tomorrow. Theres no question of any resignation, Mustafa Khokhar, the governments adviser on human rights said. Agencies add: Dubais ruler, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed al-Maktoum, paid a visit to President Zardari at the hospital on Wednesday. Sheikh Mohammad, also vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, wished Zardari a speedy recovery, the official WAM news agency reported, without giving any further details. On the other hand, Pakistans Ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan also said that President Zardari was in stable condition. So far all the tests conducted are in the normal category, said after meeting Zardari in a Dubai hospital. He declined to give further details. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT FROM NEW YORK ADDS: The Cable, Foreign Policys blog, which first sparked the rumours about President Zardaris likely resignation, quoted a former US government official as saying: The noose was getting tighter it was only a matter of time. The official expressed the growing expectation inside the US government that Zardari may be on the way out. The official told The Cable that when President Barack Obama spoke with Zardari few days ago, he (Zardari) was 'incoherent. He said that parts of the US government were informed that Zardari had a minor heart attack on Monday night and flew to Dubai via air ambulance on Tuesday. He may have angioplasty on Wednesday and may also resign on account of ill health, the dispatch said. This is the 'in-house change option that has been talked about, Shuja Nawaz, director of the South Asia Centre at the Atlantic Council, told The Cable. Nawaz said that this plan would see Zardari step aside and be replaced by a man from his own party, preserving the veneer of civilian rule but ultimately acceding to the militarys wishes to get rid of Zardari, according to The Cable. Unfortunately, it means that the military may have had to use its muscle to effect change yet again, Nawaz was quoted as saying. Now if they stay at arms length and let the party take care of its business, then things may improve. If not, then this is a silent coup with [Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza] Gilani as the front man. Staff reporter adds from Islamabad: Despite Farhatullah Babers rejection, some sources in the government maintained that President Zardari feeling pain in the chest, on the advice of his doctors at Presidency, was moved to AFIC on Tuesday where a team of senior doctors under the lead of Maj-Gen Asif Ali Khan examined him thoroughly and advised him heart bypass. They said President Zardari also had a quick discussion on the issue with his son Bilawal and some close aides and it was decided that he should move to Dubai to have a second opinion. The doctors at AFIC after keeping him under observation for sometime allowed him for air travel and the same night he flew to Dubai where he was moved to the Dubai American Hospital direct from airport. His condition was declared stable after the thorough examination by the doctors in Dubai and they advised him complete rest. But it was not known whether they had the same opinion that President Zardari needed a major heart surgery or not. The sources in the party said that it was premature to say something about the return of President Zardari but they did confirm that he would definitely come back. It was also not clear that how much rest was advised to him by the doctors and what they would suggest to him regarding his heart problem. The party sources said that even if the doctors would not suggest him surgery as suggested by the doctors at AFIC, even then the president would stay in Dubai for couple of weeks. To a question a senior party leader who wanted not to be named said that the proposed joint session of the parliament, which President Zardari is scheduled to address after Ashura would definitely be deferred till the president returns and recovers from his ailment. Government sources also informed that President Zardari before departing for Dubai had separate meetings with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Chairman Senate Farooq H Naik and Federal Minister for Interior A Rehman Malik.