LAHORE- Death row convict Akramul Haq alias Aka Lahore’s execution was stopped, when the complainant family agreed today to pardon him.

The prisoner involved in murder of Nayyar Abbas in Shorkot area in 2001 was sentenced to death, by an anti-terrorism court in Faisalabad. He was scheduled to be executed today morning at Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore, but the respondents submitted pardon accord to the magistrate hours before the scheduled time of execution. Death warrants of the convict were issued on Monday.

Defense lawyer Ghulam Mustafa said, Akramul Haq’s case will now be heard by the anti-terrorism court in Faisalabad. An anti-terrorism court in Faisalabad had awarded the death sentence to Haq, an activist of a banned organization in 2004 in connection with killings in an Imambargah (Shorkot), had issued his death warrants a couple of days ago.

After black warrants were issued for Haq's execution, the counsel said he approached the complainant and the two sides had managed to reach a compromise.

Advocate Mustafa added that both parties again approached the high court and were told to approach Judicial Magistrate Imran Ishaq with their plea. Haq's counsel said an application was submitted with the magistrate late on Wednesday night.

The counsel added that the plaintiff and four others related to the deceased had been summoned, along with their CNICs to appear before the judicial magistrate to verify that the compromise was not reached through force or by coercion.

Mustafa said the execution was expected to be delayed and then a high trial court could decide the matter of sentencing. "I am 100 per cent sure the execution would be delayed," Haq's counsel said.