PESHAWAR - Railways Workers Union (RWU) Sunday urged the government to restart train service from Peshawar immediately and meet the railways employees’ genuine demands , warning that they would launch a massive movement on failure to meet their demands .
Speaking at a joint news conference at Peshawar Press Club here, RWU divisional president Syed Ashfaq Bacha, GS Farhad Khan and organizer Sahib Gul said that government should take them into confidence in prior to privatization of Railways. It would be better to pay them AGPF before taking any step in this connection.
Moreover, they were of the view that railways employees should be upgraded while all the closed trains from Peshawar should be re-operated forthwith.  They said that there were different reason due to which Railways was on edge of collapse, some of them were corruption, political interference and misadministration.
They said that to put railway on way of progress, their associations have put forward a number of suggestions to concerned quarters, but they failed to work on it. They said that at present railways employees have been passing trough a critical phase, but government has failed to overcome their problems.
They informed that in order to press government to meet their genuine demands , International Transport Workers Federation, a representative association of railways employees has called for protest demonstrations on October 11 at all railways stations in the country. It aimed at to save railways from further destruction, they added.