LAHORE - PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has welcomed a recent meeting between PTI chief , Imran Khan and BNP leader Akhtar Mengal in Islamabad in which they have resolved to raise a collective voice against the alleged rigging committed in May 2013 elections .
He was talking to party workers on Monday who came to meet him to discuss matters pertaining to party organisation.  Kaira further said that meeting of the two party’s leaders on the very important subject was a good initiative because all the political parties including ruling PML -N had been complaining malpractices during the recently held elections .
He said that holding of free and transparent elections was the constitutional obligation of Election Commission of Pakistan because a flawed electoral process would defy the democratic ethos. He said that the PPP would support the cause because it had also been victim of tampered mandate in the past, and had expressed substantiated reservations in the May 2013 elections as well. 
“It is the common cause of all the political parties and ,therefore, should be pursued to the desired conclusion by them”, he said.  The PPP leader underscored the importance of outlining the fool proof mechanism to ensure impartiality, neutrality and credibility in the future general elections .