LAHORE: The Punjab governor and chancellor of the universities has assigned Dr Nazra Sultana charge of the office of Vice Chancellor of University of Sargodha till appointment of the regular incumbent, it has been learnt.

Earlier, Dr Zahoor Dogar was acting as VC of the UOS since October 2015. Since, he was Pro-VC so he was assigned the charge of the top administrative office of the university.

The appointment of UoS vice chancellor was challenged in the court of law. Since the case was pending with the court, the Punjab government was running the affairs of the varsity as stop gap arrangement.

The Secretary Higher Education Department, a couple of weeks back, had forwarded a penal of professors for the top administrative office of the UoS. The penal comprised Dr Nawas Tahir, Dr Nazra Sultana and Dr Zahoor Azhar former Pro-VC and acting VC .

After thorough consideration, the Punjab government finalised the name of Dr Sultana as the VC as stop gap arrangement.

Senior faculty members of the university applauded the Punjab government decision posting of a seasoned professor of Mathematics as the head of the institution. They said that the university was felt at halt since Dr Akram Ch was retired as VC . They were of the view that Dr Sultana had the capacity and ability to cope with the dwindling revenue matters, academic and research issues and administrative factors.–Javed Iqbal