PTI chairman, Imran Khan has said that his 9-year stance of avoiding war against Taliban was vindicated , while earlier he had been branded as Taliban Khan.
Addressing a party workers’ convention in Chakwal, he reminded that a similar situation occurred during Musharraf’s regime, when he (Imran Khan) resisted Musharraf’s regime’s endeavors to end troops to FATA; whence Musharraf also branded him as “clean-shaved terrorist”.
“Today I stand vindicated , that Pakistan was pushed into am unwilling war , making America’s war it’s own”, he declared.
He also lambasted President Asif Ali Zardari for developing a massive luxurious palace in Lahore, while also questioning Zardari’s tax returns and his source of immense wealth.
On the occasion, Imran Khan announced that party elections would be finalized by 16th March, after which he would celebrate the democracy celebrations at Minar-e-Pakistan with millions of his supporters.
He also stressed on ensuring taxation’s scope as one of steps for ending corruption.