The United States, while cautiously refraining from commenting on the appointment of the new DG ISI , said that it “wants the relationship with Pakistan to be on an upward trajectory.”
The spokesperson of the US State Department, Victoria Nuland late Friday said that the administration was looking forward to the completion of Pakistani parliament's internal review vis-a-vis relationship with the US. She was responding to queries regarding the appointment of new DG ISI , Lt. Gen Zaheer-ul-Islam in Pakistan.
The US officials have said repeatedly that they were waiting to receive the recommendations of the Parliament before making any comment on the nature of civilian and military relationship between both countries and the future course that it might take following setbacks in the last few months.
When asked if the relations will change between US and Pakistan with the appointment of a new DG ISI , she declined to offer any specific reaction. "With regard to the new ISI chief, I’m going to send you to our colleagues in the intelligence agencies who will be his counterparts."
When another journalist asked her what kind of impact the new appointee will have on the tense bilateral relationship, she again declined to give a clear answer. "I can’t speak to this individual. I can’t speak to that relationship. It’s an intelligence-to-intelligence relationship", she asserted.
On the relationship with Pakistan generally, she reiterated the stance of the administration about Pakistani parliament s review. "You know where we are, that we are looking forward to the completion of the internal review. We obviously always want our relationship with Pakistan to be on an upward trajectory," she emphasised.
In response to another question about charges brought in Pakistan against three widows of Usama bin Ladin, who were detained after the Abbottabad raidMs. Nuland refused to comment . "I certainly don’t have any comment on that," she firmly stated.