islamabad -  A boy, who was victim of child labour , from Sheikhupura along with his family staged a demonstration on Saturday demanding protection from the accused employer’s family .

As per statement issued by SPARC, a non-governmental organization (NGO), 13-year-old Irfan along with his family reached the office of a child right organization and sought help.

The family along with the boy demonstrated in front of the Press Club Islamabad to draw attention of the concerned authority for providing protection from the employers’ family from whom they are constantly receiving threats.

The two brothers of the lady employer were arrested after the boy’s mother managed to register FIR a month after the accident took place.

The release of the brothers last week has left the victim’s family with no hope of justice. The family has reported that after their release, the accused have started threatening the family that as soon as they receive the grant announced by the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, they would file a case of fraud against them demanding cash as compensation.

Despite several efforts and complete compliance, the family is still unable to receive the funds announced by the CM in his visit to the family at Sheikhupura.

The new challenge of threats and warnings has added to the misery of the family and the boy.

While demonstrating peacefully, the family requested the high authorities for their security from influential employer’s family and for early recovery of the cash grant so that the victim boy receives urgent medical care he requires.

They also demanded from the state that the case should be filed against the employers as per Punjab Bonded Labour System Abolition Amended Act-2012 and Bonded Labour System Abolition Act 1992.



our staff reporter