We have all read and seen the famous "Ephedrine Case" that is being pursued by Anti Narcotic Force (ANF). According to ANF, more than 9,000 kg of controlled chemical, Ephedrine, was imported by two pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan in 2010. Both companies have record of only 50KG of material being utilised, while the remaining is missing. Similar to many other high profile cases of Pakistan, the Ephedrine case has been languishing in the High Court of Pakistan since 2010, with no clear outcome or direction. And like the "Hajj Case" the Courts are waiting on the investigative reports of many different Government organizations, including the ANF.
Ironically the importers of Ephedrine have utilised this chemical in illegal drugs and have been selling these drugs under the noses of the ANF in Islamabad for the past few years. While the ANF and Courts of Pakistan are trying to find out who allowed the import of this chemical, the real culprit has been slowly utilising this chemical, making billions, while the ANF is quite. The ANF has either on purpose kept a lid on this issue or is clueless which questions the effectiveness of ANF. Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are two chemicals that are used to make illegal drugs called "Amphetamines" or SPEED, Crystal Meth, etc. The easy manufacturing of these drugs has been highlighted in a US based TV series called "Breaking Bad". This illegal drug is considered easier to make, as using local Chemistry lab equipment, you can create high quality drugs without the requirement of any special equipment or expertise.
Similarly, the illegal amphetamines drugs manufactured from this stolen Ephedrine are being sold in various locations of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The sellers are confident that they have been selling these drugs via the same distributors for the past 3 years. All of these distributors regularly pay the police and have been doing brisk business under the noses of the ANF. The distributor in Islamabad operates from Bahria town and with the help of ANF and Police staff.
The incompetence of ANF in this case can be highlighted by the fact that after three years of investigating the Ephedrine case and coming up with nothing, now the ANF is trying to hush up a new case (August 1st 2013), in which 12,000 KG of Pseudoephedrine is missing from the records of Multinational Pharmaceuticals. Maybe the respectable Court of Pakistan and representatives of UN can take some action against the lazy ANF staff and help apprehend the main leader of this drug mafia in Pakistan, while stopping the manufacture, sale, distribution and supply of Amphetamine tablets across Pakistan.
Peshawar, August 5.