Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday concluded his 'homecoming rally' in his home town of Lahore where he addressed supporters of his ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) at Data Darbar.

Nawaz began his four-day rally from the capital Islamabad where he was seen-off by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, a PML-N loyalist who was elected as head of the government few days after the former's disqualification.

The 67-year-old decried his ouster, saying he could not complete his tenure every time he came to power. "Isn't my disqualification an insult to your vote. Isn't this an insult to the mandate of 200 million people?" he questioned.

"This has been the precedent for the past 70 years. Few conspire against an elected government and derail it. Such incidents remind me of the 1971 debacle. We have to prevent such incidents or I fear Pakistan will be doomed."

Recalling the development projects his PML-N party had initiated, Nawaz said Pakistan was geared towards economic development until his "fateful disqualification" in 2017.

"Pakistan was on the brink of bankruptcy when I came to power. Industries had been shut. Energy crisis had engulfed the country. Four years into our rule and Pakistan was on the path towards economic development and prosperity," he added.

The former premier also lashed out at the Supreme Court ruling, saying he was disqualified not on corruption charges but "for not receiving the salary from my son". "They called for my accountability. They disqualified me. On what charge? Shouldn't they be held accountability too?" 

Hyping up the crowd amid speech intervals, Nawaz asked them to prepare for a "revolution which will determine the future of every Pakistani". "Democracy has been made a joke in this country. This must stop once and for all," he said.

He also pointed towards his allies on stage, saying one prime minister was disqualified but another sits in Azad Jammu Kashmir. "Here we have Raja Farooq Haider, the prime minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and he is from PML-N too," he said.

"He (Haider) has initiated development projects in AJK. That day isn't far from us when Held-Kashmir will accede to Pakistan."

The ousted prime minister said his party will approach Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani for amendments in the constitution. "I endorse his (Rabbani) recommendations. We must change the system and amend the constitution," he added.

The rally travelled through GT Road and had passed through Kamonke, Muridke and reached Shahdara and will end at Data Darbar in Lahore where Nawaz Sharif will address public rally. 

In Shahdara Nawaz said, "No charge of corruption against me." and further asked supporters, if they have accepted his disqualification and to standby him till the end. 

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has arranged camps for the rally at different points. 

Earlier, Nawaz Sharif spent the night in Gujranwala and after breakfast, he left for Lahore which is considered to be strongest hold of PML-N. The departure of rally was once again delayed due to arrangement issues. 

Before leaving Gujranwala, in a meeting with leadership of PML-N, Nawaz Sharif stated that he was not given justice by Supreme Court. "The plan of my disqualification was already made," he claimed. 

The 'homecoming rally' made first stop at Muridke where Nawaz Sharif addressed the people. "I have never seen such crowd in Muridke," he said. 

The former Prime Minister further said that 'few people' cannot be owner of Pakistan. "This country belongs to 200million people of this country," he said. 

Sharif reiterated that he didn't do corruption of single penny. "If I was corrupt then I would have been ashamed," he said. 

While discussing about Supreme Court verdict of Panama Leaks, he said that this verdict has disqualified the Prime Minister who was elected by people of Pakistan. "You elected me as PM and sent me to Islamabad but they sent me back," he stated. 

"I was punished because I was working for progress of Pakistan day and night," he stated. 

Sharif further said that if had remained in office, he would have take Pakistan to height of progress and development. "This system in Pakistan should be changed which is destroying the country for last 70 years," he stated. 

"To change this system we need a revolution and are you ready for revolution," he asked the people in rally. "Will you stand with Nawaz Sharif in revolution," he further asked. 

Nawaz Sharif took promise from his workers that they will stand with him hand to hand in revolution. "Do not forget your promise and when Nawaz Sharif 's message will reach to you, you all have to be with me," he urged the workers. 

Yesterday, Nawaz Sharif said he has been ousted from the office but he remains in the hearts of the people.

Addressing a huge crowd in Gujranwala, he asked the people if they accepted the court decision against him and declared their ‘no’ to be a referendum in his favour.

He reiterated his claim of being innocent and said that millions of people had voted to elect him but ‘a few hands conspired’ against him.

Saying that he was committed to wage struggle for sanctity of vote and national progress, the deposed leader of ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz asked people to support him in preventing such dethronements in future.

Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by the Supreme Court of the country on July 28 over an apparently minor technicality following a months-long investigation into the business affairs of his family over corruption allegations by opposition parties.

The case emanating from the Panama Papers has also resulted in serious future challenges for him and his family as the apex court has ordered prosecuting them in the accountability court in light of the evidence gathered by a joint investigation team.

Staying relatively silent for a couple of weeks after court verdict, the deposed premier is now making a thunderous homecoming. He is leading a rally on GT Road, which began on Wednesday from Islamabad and is expected to conclude in Lahore today.

"I don't expect you to reinstate me, but I want you to support me for the betterment of this country. Wait for my call to join me in the struggle against such elements as have disgraced the democratic right of the people,” he said.