U.S. Ambassador Richard Olson affirming  the importance of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship said his country is committed to a cooperative and long-term partnership with Pakistan and will continue in our joint efforts to counter extremism and terrorism .
The US ambassador expressed these views during his visit to Peshawar.
He highlighted U.S. assistance to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, including projects to rebuild infrastructure and improve livelihoods in the region, and praised U.S.-Pakistan cooperation in countering violent extremism .
Ambassador Olson told KP Governor Shaukat Ullah Khan and Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti that the United States is committed to a cooperative and long-term partnership with Pakistan.
 “Our assistance to Pakistan is a tangible sign of our long-term investment in the future of this country,” said Ambassador Olson .
The United States is currently funding the reconstruction of the Peshawar-Torkham Highway, a vital and historic trade route that will support regional commerce for generations to come, as it has for centuries past.
The United States has built over 650 kilometers of roads primarily in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, completed 2,000 small projects designed by local residents throughout the FATA and KP (including water system improvements, school rehabilitations, and irrigation canal projects), and pledged to help local officials increase educational and economic opportunities in the region.
In these meetings with Chief Minister Hoti and Governor Khan, Ambassador Olson underlined the importance of the ongoing cooperation between the United States and Pakistan to combat terrorism .
“The United States recognizes the enormous sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan, especially your security forces. We will continue in our joint efforts to counter extremism, combat terrorism , and protect both our peoples from the scourge of senseless violence,” Ambassador Olson said.