BAHAWALPUR - The local leaders of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and the PML-N said that the long march of Tahirul Qadri will destabilise Pakistan, and alleged that the latter was acting upon a foreign agenda and it was not aimed to serve the nation.
"The person (Qadri) who is Canadian national is talking about prosperity of Pakistan. The people claiming to save Pakistan are not realising what is happening in the country. America is the biggest hurdle to enforcement of Islamic system in the country. The religious parties should get united for the protection of geographical boundaries of the country," said Jamaat Secretary General Dr Khadim Hussain Dhaloon while talking to a gathering.
He said that terrorism and target killing of religious party workers in Karachi was a national problem. All the political and religious parties should formulate a strategy for a solution to the problem on priority basis, he said and demanded immediate arrest of the "2,500 Muttahida Qaumi Movement activists who were released under the National Reconciliation Ordinance".
He said that on January 13, thousands of workers belonging to his party would take out a march from Bahawalpur Bypass to Sutlej Bridge for the restoration of Bahawalpur province. He criticised the leaders of the Movement for Restoration of Bahawalpur province, and said that their efforts were limited only to statements. "We will get Bahawalpur restored according to the wishes of the people," he said. He termed Qazi Hussain Ahmed an asset of the Muslims. His death is not only the loss of Jamaat-e-Islami but also of the Islamic world, he said.
On the occasion, PML-N leader Mian Najeebuddin Awaisi said that only the parliament can make the amendments in the Constitution. He said that the people seeking publicity through the slogan of revolution would be exposed in the elections and should be ready for their accountability. Tahirul Qadri should quit the Canadian nationality first and then talk about reforms in Pakistan, he said and added that a foreign citizen has no right to criticise the electoral system of Pakistan.
He said that Tahirul Qadir has remained the member of the parliament for a long time but during that time he never thought about a change in the electoral system. Only Nawaz Sharif can steer Pakistan out of crises. MPA Haji Zulfiqar Ali of the Pakistan Muslim League-N said that the public would reject the "juggler of Canada". "We restored democracy and will defend it at any cost. Democracy is the only way which can save Pakistan. If Tahirul Qadri is sincere with Pakistan, he should leave Canadian nationality," he added.