KARACHI - After coming to the folds of the PML-N this week, Marvi Memon, an ex-associate of former army chief Pervez Musharraf, touched down in Karachi on Sunday.
Scores of PML-N workers gathered at the Karachi airport to welcome Marvi Memon upon her arrival in the city. But scuffles among the activists resulting from their curiosity to step ahead of each other caused indiscipline at the airport.
Marvi Memon could not talk to the media due to the mismanagement of the PML-N workers, who did not stop exchanging harsh words with each other when the new entrant to the party reached PML-N House, where a reception was hosted in her honour. PML-N leaders Saleem Zia, Nihal Hashmi and others were also present at PML-N House.
In her brief interaction with the media, Memon, while showering praises on Nawaz Sharif, said the PML-N was the only political party that had a vision to bring a change in the country. “Plundering under the guise of democracy cannot last long,” she said while maintaining that nobody could stop this change that would start from Sindh.
It may be noted here that during the previous regime, Memon was a staunch supporter of Pervez Musharraf, who toppled the democratically-elected government of the PML-N in 1999.
Memon said she would soon speak publicly about the reasons for leaving Musharraf’s party. Meanwhile, PML-N Sindh leader Saleem Zia said that Memon would have a key role in strengthening the party in Sindh.