A written petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking disqualification of lawmakers who are known to be dual-nationals. A three member bench of the apex court led by Chief Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard a petition regarding the matter.
The petitioner, Syed Mahmood Akhtar filed the petition under article 184 sub section3. Quoting media reports, he said that more than 35 MPs including Rehman Malik , were holding dual nationality .
The petitioner in his petition, requested the court to direct the Election Commission of Pakistan to produce complete records of the alleged lawmakers and disqualify them from being elected.
The EC joint secretary Sher Afgan informed the court that the Chief of ECP was travelling to Karachi, therefore it would take some time to submit proper replies. He sais that the lawmakers have kept their nationalities hidden because of ECP’s imposed ban on contesting the election as a dual-nationality holder.
The court ordered all the parties involved to submit their replies before the next hearing. The hearing was adjourned till March 29.
Earlier a summary proposing an amendment to the People’s Representation Act to add a column in nomination papers seeking information about dual nationality from candidates had been moved.
Under Article 63-1(c) of the Constitution, a person is disqualified from being a member of parliament if he ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan or acquires the citizenship of a foreign state.