ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Friday reprimanded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in failing to recover model-turned-actress Sofia Mirza's minor daughters from her former husband. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heading the bench that also comprised Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan said neither the Foreign Office nor FIA is aware where Umar Farooq, ex-husband of Sofia Mirza, is. Despite lapse of a year, both the institutions did not know where Umer Farooq had gone from UAE along with two minor children. The court noticed: "This is the height of inefficiency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FIA ," adding; "FIA is not only operating for limited purpose as it's DG and all the officers have become hostage." The court directed Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq to personally look into the matter of girls' recovery, raise it with the top bosses of FO and submit a comprehensive report over the matter by November 23. Appearing on notice, Mansoorul Haq, a representative of Foreign Affairs Ministry told the court that Umer Farooq had left Dubai on May 12, 2011, however it was still unknown where he has gone. Expressing dismay over the statement of Mansoorul Haq, the chief justice told him that one year ago he had informed the court that passport of Umer Farooq had been cancelled. He said without passport how could Umer Farooq leave UAE and was travelling in other counties. FIA 's Director (Legal) Azam Khan told the court that all the countries have been informed in-written that passport of Umer Farooq has been cancelled. The chief justice asked the representative of Foreign Affairs Ministry that though Supreme Court are not respected but it was the order of Pakistani government, which was also not been taken seriously. Raja Aamir Abbas, counsel for Sofia Mirza, told the court that similar case was also under adjudication before a court of United Arab Emirates, where both Sofia Mirza and Umar Farooq had hired the services of their counsels. Thus, he said how it was possible that Umer Farooq had left UAE and nobody knew about it. The chief justice then noted that the Foreign Affairs Ministry and FIA did not seem serious in resolving the matter, thus Attorney General will personally see the matter and submit report. It's worth mention here that in January this year the court was informed that a team of foreign office was sent to UAE for taking the custody of minor girls. Foreign Office official had also told the court that the team would take up the matter with the UAE government.