At least four people including two real brothers, their nephew and a passerby were shot dead while one was injured in Rawalpindi District Court on Saturday over old enmity. Accoring to the police, Chaudhry Shaukat, resident of Dhok Elahi Bux along with his brother Arshad Ali, nephew Ch Ghalib were brought to the court of Additional Session Judge in police custody, when they were attacked by four armed assailants belonging to the Kala Khan group. All three family members were killed on the spot while a passerby Mohammad Iqbal also became victim of the firing while another man Abdul Waheed was injured Police arrested three accused who were identified as Tauqeer resident of Wah Cantt, Zakir resident of Chaklala and Asif resident of Dhok Khabba while one managed to escape. CPO Rawalpindi Azhar Hameed Khokar has verified the arrest. Police have cordoned off the area and started search of the run away accused. According to the police, Ch Shaukat and his brother Ch Arshad Ali and nephew Ghalib were facing murder trial of killing members of Kala Khan group namely Rafiq Kala, Sheikh Pappo and his friend on 22 Nov 2009 near Dhok Elahi Baksh graveyard. The Injured Abdul Waheed who was taken to District Headquarter Hospital Rawalpindi talking to media alleged that the attackers could have been stopped by firing but they were not stopped on time. He said that today even though the judge was not present the murderers were taken out of the armored vehicle and brought towards the court and thus giving chance to the attackers to attack. The attack created panic in the court and security was tightened after the incident.