LAHORE - In an exclusive interview with Family Magazine, former Air Commodore and Researcher, Tariq Majid has revealed that six-foot tall, former dictator Ayub Khan was a chicken-hearted general who took many wrong decisions in haste out of fear. According to Commodore Tariq , the dissolution of inquiry committee on Agarthalla conspiracy case by Ayub Khan and handing over of power to general Yahya are just two examples to prove that he was not a man of strong nerves. He further disclosed that Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman courted arrest in line with the planning made by the US and India and he was kept at a safe place (jail) as the two countries wanted to keep him alive. He also disclosed that former Prime Minister, Z.A Bhutto had the backing of America and India when he sent commandos inside Kashmir under a conspiracy. He said that USA forced Pakistan to accept ceasefire in 1965 war on Indian desire. Tariq accused Z.A Bhutto of playing negative role in the wars of 1965 and 1971. He was of the view that America wanted to use politicians to reduce military strength of Pakistan. He said that many Pakistani generals did not want ceasefire during 1965 war and wanted to hit back at India, but Ayub Khan declared ceasefire under pressure from the then American president. He further said that Pakistani Air Force had almost destroyed Indian Air force in 1965 and the ground forces had also repulsed Indian attacks in Sialkot sector and in Sindh; but due to the ceasefire, Pakistani forces were stopped from making any advancement inside India.