LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Mian Nawaz Sharif on Friday urged the masses to brace up for the change, saying that giving more time to the corrupt rulers was not in countrys interest. Talking to a PML-N overseas delegation led by Senator Ishaq Dar, the PML-N chief said that it was unfortunate that the government had turned a deaf ear to all sincere advices given to it by his party for solution of problems facing the country. Nawaz said corruption in the government departments was on the rise day by day under the patronage of the corrupt rulers, and further silence over the corrupt practices would be a great injustice with the people. He asked them to get prepared for the change, which, he said, was not too far away. Talking about anti-government campaign launched by his party, Nawaz said that it was meant to remove the corrupt rulers in the great interest of the masses. The campaign will meet success with the support of people, he added. The PML-N president believed that rampant corruption was the main cause behind the price-hike, poverty, unemployment and other related problems, and it was time to get rid of present rulers. He said voices were being raised even from within the ruling party against ministers corruption. Expressing deep sense of shock and grief over the brutal murder of three Hindu doctors in Sindh, Nawaz said protection to the life and property of minorities was part of Constitution of Pakistan. He said law and order situation in Sindh was bad as incidents of kidnapping for ransom had become a common phenomenon there. He said his party attached equal importance to Sindh besides other provinces and was aware of its responsibilities in this regard. Nawaz said neither any move can detrack the Pakistani nation from achieving its objective nor any corrupt mafia will be allowed to impose itself on the country. He said people are conscious enough and know who is speaking at the behest of whom. He said that politics is a sacred mission and he will make no compromise on national interest. He said that it is our national responsibility to foil the nefarious designs of those who are engaged in secret manoeuvring as it disintegrated the country in the past. He said Pakistan is facing internal and external problems and the situation is not satisfactory. He said under these circumstances, the country should be in safe hands as it cannot afford more crises. He said besides implementing charter of democracy himself, he also motivated government to adhere to it and make sincere efforts to formulate policies in national interest and had joined the government under this spirit. Nawaz said due to non-implementation of charter of democracy and dishonouring of the promises by the government, He said no political game of rotation is played in the country and only that party will have the right to serve the people as is voted by the people. He said those who had been leveling allegations against each other have now joined hands. Nawaz said he will continue to serve the country till his last breath. He said he has faced undemocratic attitudes in the past and will do so in the future. He said a revolution was brought in the country during 1990-91 and foreign investment increased while growth rate reached the figure of 8 and a half per cent. He said had our elected governments not been toppled, this growth rate has been in double figure and tax GDP rate has been reached 14.6 per cent which is a record in the history of the country. He said that had this rate been maintained, the Pakistan cannot be included in the debtor countries. He said during our tenure, dams were constructed and the network of roads was being laid, motorways, airports were constructed, power projects were installed, progress and prosperity was seen everywhere and unemployment, poverty and price-hike were substantially decreased. He said the undemocratic forces toppled our both elected governments as we had a new agenda of development and prosperity for the country.