KASUR (INP) - The police arrested five drunken culprits after they attacked Rescue 1122 personnel while trying to flee after hitting a citizen on Friday. According to police, five drunken youngsters, riding three motorcycles hit a labourer Muhammad Hussain on Kutchery Road, injuring him critically. The culprits tried to flee after the incident but the Rescue 1122 presented nearby the scene followed and apprehended them. The motorcyclists gave sound beating to Rescue personnel with fists and kicks. However, locals gathered at the scene and caught the culprits and handed over them to police. The police have registered a case against the accused. They were produced before court which gave four day physical remand of the culprits. It is to be noted that the culprits belonged to influential families of Lahore who threatened the police and Rescue 1122 with dire consequences if they did not resolve the issue at once.