NOWSHERA VIRKAN - Islam is the religion of peace, love and faith which teaches its followers cohesion and harmony and abhors all sort of terrorism rather binds its followers to resist the menace to ensure peace in society. This was stated by Maulana Abdul Rahman while addressing a big gathering of people at Jamia Masjid Siddiqia here. He said that Jihad and terrorism were two entirely separate things. Jehad is the spirit of Islam which can never be finished unless a single Muslim is alive in the world. He maintained that America and other western countries were afraid of Jihad and want to finish it in the name of terrorism which is impossible. The Maulana said that Islam does not allows killing of innocent people. He urged the Americans to stop drone attacks on the innocent people in the best interest of humanity. MAN INJURED IN ACCIDENT: A man was injured in a traffic accident here on Friday. As per detail, one Muhammad Saeed was injured critically near village Baddoratta. He was going to his village when a speeding tractor-trolley hit him from the rear.