QUETTA Self-exiled Baloch leader Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Khan has urged the Balochs to forge unity. Muslims are celebrating Eidul Azha while Pakistani government is playing with the life of innocent Balochs in the province by sending decomposed bodies after abducting them from their houses and torturing in the torture cells, he said while talking to a group of journalists by telephone from London on Friday. Daud said he appealed to the Balochs across the globe gather under Balochi flag as they were close to achieve their objective. He expressed his sympathies with the relatives of victims who, according to him, had been picked by intelligence agencies and killed. This is a message for the Baloch population to give up the struggle. The government has failed in attaining its objectives as it could not crush the Balochs struggle despite the worst kind of brutality, he said, adding that the zest among Baloch increased with every decomposed body fell. Although the Balochs are presently weak and fighting with a powerful enemy, they will never remain weak and soon they will achieve the desired goal, he said, adding that thousands of Balochs including their leaders like Nawab Akbar Bugti, Balach Marri, Ghulam Muhammad, Lala Munir and Sher Muhammad had been martyred since 2000. He said those who thought that they would remain safe for being silent or by inactive in their courtyards were mistaken as the Pakistani government had decided to wipe out Balochs. History is evident that Balochs have been facing aggression but never bowed, he added. He said that the leaders like him living in exile were not leading luxurious lives. They were living in miserable condition struggling to seek the world attention to Balochs woes and cruelties of Pakistani government against them. He said that to a great extent, Baloch leaders had succeeded in making world realise that their movement was not related to terrorism but a struggle for their rights. Addressing some Baloch leaders who consider assemblies and parliament as the solution to the Balochs problem, he said that parliament had never served the Balochs. Elections and parliament will keep Baloch slaves within the present arrangement instead of resolving their problems, he remarked, adding that there were also some leaders under the guise of Balochiat (Baloch sympathisers) were working as establishments agent and would not be forgiven. About the sectarian violence in Balochistan, he expressed his sympathy with the Shia community and said the Balochs had no sectarian divisions among them rather they respect all the religious creeds. He said, There are some terrorists who have come from neighbouring Punjab province and are trying to fan hatred.