ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is blessed with so many talented athletes in almost all the sporting fields and tennis is one of them. Despite lack of facilities, the country has produced many stars in this particular sport. Go Mazhar , a Japanese lad of Pakistani origin, whose father is a Pakistani national and his mother hails from Japan, is nowadays in Pakistan and getting training under the watchful eyes of international reputed coach Mahboob Khan, who is also the father of Pakistan No 1 woman tennis player Sarah Mahboob. Go Mazhar , in a very short span of time, has not only picked his game to the highest level but also managed to win two back-to-back Under-14 titles first in Karachi and second in Islamabad. In an exclusive interview with TheNation on Friday, Go Mazhar said: "I went to Australia because that country has excellent sporting facilities along with education. I started playing tennis and squash at the same time but after some time I switched my attentions towards tennis." "I played in some regional and national tournaments over there and stayed for almost nine years in Australia. I came to Japan in January this year. My parents tried to find out a coach for me in Japan and finally we got Mahboob Khan and my parents assigned him to coach me." Mazhar reached Pakistan on October 8 and started to train under Mahboob from Oct 10. He has won the Subh-Nau Tennis Championship and Islamabad Club Championship U-14 titles so far. This was by far the biggest win of Mazhar in his short career as he just arrived in Pakistan and managed to win two titles. Talking about his future plans Mazhar said: I wanted to represent Pakistan at international level that is the main reason of coming to this country otherwise, I could have easily opted to play for Japan. If the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) gives me the opportunity to compete in international tournaments, I will definitely love to perform as per my abilities and bring laurels like Aisam. Mazhar said he wanted to stay in Pakistan but it depends on the attitude of the PTF if they want me to stay here I am more than willing to extend my stay and my heart beats for Pakistan like my father's. Mahboob, coach of Mazhar , said: I must say judging the talent of Mazhar , he has got the potential to compete at the highest level and we are very fortunate that he has decided to represent Pakistan instead of Japan. I can confirm one thing he is very close to international playing standards, and his future depends on his parents and the PTF if he gets the funds and exposure which is a must to participate in International Tennis Federation World Junior Championships and Junior Davis Cup (Under-16) he will get a huge boost from these events. As far as training is concerned, I am giving him the training of world standard which Federar and Nadal are getting and he is improving with each passing day, a player who is fit and move with the ball has a great future in tennis.