ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has evaluated the UN resolution adopted by the General Assembly last Tuesday a major diplomatic gain as it supports Islamabads principled position over right to self-determination to the Kashmiris. Its is matter of great satisfaction as co-sponsorship of Pakistans traditional resolution on the right of peoples to self-determination has been increasing since its introduction 80s, well-placed diplomatic sources told TheNation on Friday. The sources said this years resolution was co-sponsored by record number of countries - 71 - adding that the repeated adoption of this resolution epitomises the General Assemblys consistent reaffirmation of this central principle of the UN Charter. According to the sources, annual adoption of this resolution by the Third Committee that deals with the issues of human rights and humanitarian questions sent a strong message of the international communitys opposition to all acts of foreign aggression and occupation, which are contrary to international human rights and humanitarian laws. Pakistans Acting Permanent Representative to the UN, Raza Bashir Tarar, had introduced the resolution on importance of Right of Peoples to Self Determination that enjoys primacy in international law as well as is the corner stone of the UN Charter and two international Covenants On its adoption, Pakistans representative thanked the growing number of co-sponsors that reflects the continuing importance this fundamental right enjoys among the comity of nations. The sources were of the view that this resolution directly supports Pakistans principled position on right to self-determination to Kashmir people. Its not a situation specific resolution. It basically relates to right of self-determination to every one no matter they are people of Palestine, Kashmiris or else, a senior Pakistani diplomat said requesting not to be named. He ruled out the possibility that timing of this resolution had any link to Pak-India bilateral summit on the sidelines of the SAARC conference held in Maldives. Its an annual feature of the UN General Assembly in which Pakistan tables this resolution as a matter of policy issue, he added. Some analysts were of the opinion that co-sponsorship of Pakistans traditional resolution on this right was increasing largely because of the United States, which they believed was struggling to pole apart China and Pakistan over this issue. They feared that US efforts were basically aimed at supporting an independent Kashmir.