ISLAMABAD (APP) - Asad Shabbir is a 16-year old blogger and writer, whose debut novel, Leo Solay was launched in an impressive ceremony organised by his Alma Mater, Berlin International School on Friday. According to a message received here from Berlin , the ceremony was largely attended by students and their parents besides representatives of the Pakistani community and officials of the Pakistan Embassy. Asad Shabbir was just 15-years old when he came from Pakistan and started to write Leo Solay . Apart from his love for writing and reading, he is also an avid tech enthusiast. To Asad, Leo Solay represents his childhood fantasies and his multicultural exposures in Iran, Hong Kong and Bulgaria. Asad is currently an IB student in Berlin . The novel is about a 15-year old boy Leo , who discovers that he has been chosen as a liberator with the sole purpose in life to protect and maintain peace. With time, the young liberator makes incredible sacrifices for the ones he loves as he prepares for the impending war. He learns the art of his lost peers, finds his way through a maze of entangling oaths, and deals with the pain of love. A war, revolving around Leo , is being waged between the Veldin Empire and the Irrutian Empire. Can Leo , a mere teenager, master his powers and save the world?