TheNation Monitoring KABUL - A group of armed men has stoned and shot dead a woman and her daughter in Afghanistans Ghazni province, security officials have told the BBC. The officials blamed the Taliban, who they said had accused the women of 'moral deviation and adultery. The police said two men had been arrested in connection with the murder. The attack was only 300m from the governors office in Ghazni city, which is on a list of places to be transferred to Afghan security control. The incident happened on Thursday in the Khawaja Hakim area of Ghazni city, where the family lived. There are 18 districts in Ghazni. Seven are in government control. In 11 the government only exists inside the district headquarters. In much of the region, the Taliban are taxing people and banning girls from schools. Joint weddings have been banned - the bride and groom are not allowed to be together as it is thought the woman makes too much noise walking to the wedding hall, disturbing the men. Security officials said armed men entered the house where the young widow lived with her daughter and took them out to the yard, where they were initially stoned and then shot dead. Neighbours did not help or inform the authorities on time, an official said. Officials said a number of religious leaders in the city had been issuing fatwas asking people to report any one who was 'involved in adultery.