LONDON (Agencies) - London Police Commisioner Bernard Hogan-Howe has confirmed that two alleged killers of MQMs leader Dr Imran Farooq were arrested in Karachi. The police commissioner has been quoted by a London-based newspaper stating that the killers would not be allowed to roam freely on the streets of London. He also said that London Police is working with Pakistan in Dr Imran Farooqs murder case. Imran Farooq , who was a prominent MQM leader, was killed last year on September 16, outside his residence in London. The two suspects were reportedly arrested from the Karachi Airport at least two months ago but Pakistani police never confirmed their arrest. The arrest of the suspects has finally been confirmed by the British police on Friday. In August this year, the MQM had urged the media to refrain from spreading 'unfounded speculations about arrests made in Dr Imran Farooqs murder case. A statement issued by MQMs coordination committee had said that news reports on two people being arrested at the Karachi airport were devoid of truth, baseless and concocted. The committee had said that the purpose behind these fabricated and malicious reports was nothing but to tarnish the image of the MQM and damage its reputation.