Islamabad - Member of National Assembly (MNA) Syed Iftakhar-ul-Hasan was elected unopposed as Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Postal Services on Tuesday. A meeting of the body on Postal Services was held at Parliament House, for the election of its Chairman .       

The Special Secretary, National Assembly Secretariat welcomed the members and briefed them about the procedure of election of Chairman/Chairperson.  Ch Khadim Hussain, MNA proposed the name of Syed Iftakhar-ul-Hasan, MNA as the Chairman of the Standing Committee. Ghulam Muhammad Lali, MNA seconded it. Since no other member was proposed so Syed Iftakhar-ul-Hasan, MNA was elected as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Postal Services .

 Later, the newly elected Chairman was invited to chair the meeting. He thanked all the members of the Committee for electing him as Chairman . He assured his full support and co-operation with the Committee members in good faith of the Country. The members of the committee including Ghulam Muhammad Lali, Ch Khadim Hussain, Khawaja Ghulam Rasool Koreja, Shah Jehan Baloch, Shahida Rehmani and Aisha Syed were present in the meeting.