Islamabad - The facilities and emergency equipment at the Prime Minister (PM) House are inadequate to deal with a natural or human disaster and there is no indication of improvement in sight, reveal documents.

Despite repeated warnings from CDA, the authorities have failed to comply with the recommendations of the Emergency and Disaster Management (E&DM) Unit. The warnings first arrived at the PM House in 2011 and are continuing till date yet no action has been taken to change the ground situation of the most important building of the city, the documents lamented.

The administration of the PM house has failed to install the advised equipment to deal with any untoward incident, especially in case of a fire-related incident. The fire prevention, protection and life safety arrangements have not been incorporated in accordance with the CDA Building Standards for Fire Prevention and Life Safety and pose a great risk to the PM house .

“Numerous inspections, visits, requests and reports stand endorsed by the PM office since 2011 but to no avail,” the E&DM Unit said in a recent correspondence between the two offices.

In March 2016, the unit asked the PM House administration to adhere to the fire prevention and life safety bye-laws. A letter written by the Unit to the secretariat said that the building was re-visited to ensure compliance with the CDA building standards for fire prevention and life safety regulations.

 “A comprehensive assessment was recorded for the perusal of the concerned authorities. It is essential that the administration takes necessary measures to ensure the safety of the building,” said the letter.

The E&DM Unit said that the engineers belonging to Pak PWD have neither adopted the suggested modifications nor installed the recommended equipment.

 E&DM Unit, as an advisory and enforcing agency of the building standards, has proposed the PM House to take steps for the safety of the building.