The World Teacher’s Day is observed every year on October 5th. It is celebrated to pay homage to the teachers all over the world for their priceless services which they render to the nation. On this day , individuals send messages of good wishes to their teachers. In the same way, special ceremonies are held officially to honour the services of teachers. This time the government of Punjab has decided to observe this day in a befitting manner. On the basis of showing 100% results in PEC (Punjab Education Commission) and BISE exams around five hundred Star Teachers and Head Teachers have been selected from all over Punjab. It is announced that the CM Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, himself will grace the ceremony to be held in Lahore to pay tribute to these Star Teachers and Head Teachers. It is also declared that the Star Teachers and Head Teachers will be awarded cash prizes along with extra annual increments. It is a laudable step in the right direction. It will act as a catalyst to raise the motivational level of teachers. 

It is pertinent to mention that if a soldier defends the borders of a nation and a doctor treats the physical malaise of a nation, indubitably, a teacher cures the mental ailment of a nation. Similarly, if an engineer constructs dams and bridges, a teacher builds the character of a nation. In this regard, the role of a teacher is no less significant than that of a doctor, engineer or a soldier. It is said, if you want to destroy a nation, only undermine the educational system of that nation and you will have the desired results. Without an iota of doubt, a teacher enjoys the status of a mainstay in our education system. It is lamentable that less than 2 percent of the GDP is earmarked for education which amounts to making a mockery of this sector. It is the pressing need of the hour that the budgetary allocations for education sector should be increased in accordance with the internationally accepted level and teachers-friendly policies should be formulated to facilitate and accommodate teachers. 


Mianwali, October 4.