American stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan and a team of American dentists have fallen ill due to mismanagement of the hotel they checked in during their stay in Islamabad.

The popular comedian, on his official Facebook page, claimed that the management of Margala Hotel on Kashmir highway served them tap water in mineral water bottles. He found out that the hotel management was recycling old bottles of mineral water and filling them with regular tap water. He also posted a picture he took while the management was in action.

The dentists associated with Riphah Medical University, who are accompanied by American stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan, had come to Islamabad for a dental camp, where they would treat those in need of an orthodontist that cannot afford one. While, Jeremy McLellan had taken the opportunity to tour Pakistan (Lahore and Islamabad) where he has been performing in a number of stand-up gigs to sold out audiences.

Jeremy further mentioned that upon inquiry, hotel manager, Khushnood Khan, repeatedly lied to them and denied all the allegations.

Jeremy seemed determined to take on the management of the Margala Hotel, but he was careful, adding that if any lower staff was fired as scapegoats they would amp up the pressure.