ISLAMABAD - While accepting contacts with Mansoor Ijaz , former envoy to the United States, Husain Haqqani has once again denied the content of the memorandum which had sought US intervention to avert any perceived military coup after the May 2 incident, reported a private TV channel.
Through his counsel Sajid Tanoli, Haqqani on Monday submitted his reply to a commission appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate the affair.
In his reply, Haqqani admitted he had contacts with Ijaz but said he never discussed the memo with him. The former envoy further said he had not been provided access to the actual records of the evidence Ijaz presented before the commission during his testimony through video conference from London.
He has also submitted his phone bills dated from May to November 2011 before the commission. Tanoli said that there was no denial of the contact between the two but to verify the proof, access to the authentic records was required.
The counsel also submitted before the commission more than 100 articles written by Ijaz against Pakistan’s nuclear programme and the security agencies.