ISLAMABAD - The legislators from treasury and opposition benches on point of orders raised serious concerns on Monday over worsening law and order situation, particularly increasing target killing incidents in Karachi and Hyderabad. The 47th session of the National Assembly started one hour late. Prime Minister Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, leader of the opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, and several ministers did not come to the House.The legislators appealed to the Sindh government to take immediate measures to stop killings , which were leading towards sectarian clashes. Speaking on the point of order, MQM legislator Waseem Akhtar appealed to the president to take instant action to control worsening law and order situation and target killings.He said that there was need to take a stern action against Taliban as even the Supreme Court was asking to control law and order.  “While Muhrram is near, the incidents of killings are increasing which, fanning sectarianism that must be stopped,” he said.The Pakistan People’s Party tabled “The Anti-Terrorism (Amendments) Bill, 2012” to amend the ‘Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997’.PPP chief whip Syed Khursheed Shah introduced the bill which would pave way for the law enforcement agencies to take effective actions against those who finance acts of terrorism and take benefit from the proceeds of such acts.Under the 8th Amendment, the federal or a provincial government can designate an officer of the government, by notification in the official gazette, or direct any other person to freeze, seize or detain any money or other property for a period of 15 days. The clause-2 says that the refusal without just cause shall be an offence and shall be liable to conviction to imprisonment of up to five years. The bill reflects Pakistan’s resolve to constantly review and strengthen its counterterrorism regime and to bring it at par with the international standards. Taking the floor, Sahibzada Fazal Karim demanded the formation of a judicial commission to ascertain the people responsible for spreading sectarian violence.  He said that Taliban had accepted the responsibility of various incidents of terrorism like Kamra and Data Darbar attacks so there must not be a soft corner for them. He questioned why the unknown attackers of GHQ incident had not been exposed. He said that the Sindh government had failed to control law and order situation in Karachi and Hyderabad.On his turn, JUI-F legislator Maulana Attaur Rahman said that law enforcement agencies should be proactive to control worsening situation in various part of country before it gets too late.Expressing dissatisfaction over poor security given to madrasahs, he said if schools or colleges were attacked, everyone condemns it but no attention is given to killing the of madrasah students.The house passed “The Pakistan Academy of Letters bill, 2010” to establish the Pakistan Academy of Letters.