ISLAMABAD -  Former Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) secretary Hafiz Suleman Butt has levelled serious allegations against former PFF president Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and lauded the FIFA for suspending Pakistan membership.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday along with IFA president Ch Saleem and secretary Syed Sharafat Hussian Bokhari, Suleman said: “FIFA has not suspended Pakistan, but it is Makdoom, who was banned and soon a letter in this regard would be issued, as Makhdoom is worried because a hefty amount of $50,000 from FIFA is suspended and that is why he is running from post to pillar to win sympathies.”

He said billions of rupees corruption was done during the 14-year tenure of Makhdoom. Who obliged his near and dear ones and sent non-relevant persons on foreign tours. He was also plundering with FIFA and AFC grants with both hands. “We had provided solid evidences to FIFA and AFC and an inquiry was also conducted, in which it was proven that the PFF had failed to distribute money to referees. We had 17-member backing out of 24-member house and we were all set to win the PFF elections in 2015, but we obeyed court orders, as honourable Lahore High Court (LHC) had issued stay orders against holding the PFF elections. We abide by the rules, but Makhdoom conducted bogus elections in Murree, which was a sheer violation of court orders and a contempt of court petition was also pending against him.

“Mian Nawaz Sharif is a big party leader. I had always contested general elections and remained his rival many times, but I never thought to say a single word against Maryam Nawaz, who is also our daughter and I can assure all that Capt (r) Safdar is not involved in Pakistan football in any capacity. We can also speak clearly against Makhdoom, how his daughter went abroad and how his son enjoys financial support from Korean investor in his company, but it looks highly odd and against norms to point fingers on others,” he added.

“We also know a lot of things against Makhdoom, who appointed Farishte on hefty salary and attended doctors moot in Budapest, Hungry. Makhdoom should answer regarding financial embezzlements, as he took Rs 50 million from FIFA for Jhang project. FIFA allocated total 8 goals to the PFF , out of which only one goal ‘Football House in Lahore’ was completed, while nobody knows about all the other goals. When there was no infrastructure existing, then where that huge amount was spent,” he questioned.

When he was reminded that FIFA had termed him persona-non-grata and imposed life ban on him, Suleman said: “It was a dispute within the PFF with Mian Azhar. When fighting is on, allegations and things can go wrong. A reporter had written a letter to FIFA asking about life ban on me and FIFA had made it clear that they are not aware about any such ban.

“I had decided long ago that I would not accept any role in the federation and work devotedly for the promotion of football and players. I had enjoyed almost all the national and international top sporting roles so I need nothing but betterment of football in Pakistan. My club is one of the bests not only in Pakistan, but also in Asia, as it finished 8th in AFC Cup, the only Pak club to achieve that distinction,” he added.

When asked why a certain group is happy over PFF suspension, which inflicted huge damage on Pakistan football and he was also reminded about the POA case, Suleman said: “In the past, FIFA always wrote Fasial-led PFF , but now situation is different. We totally support FIFA suspension and want FIFA to take a step further and appoint a committee, who invite both parties, conduct elections and the legitimate body must be given PFF House and FIFA support.”