LAHORE -  Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that Nawaz Sharif will become the prime minister of Pakistan for the fourth time.

“Nobody can stop Nawaz Sharif from being elected to premiership for the fourth time,” Maryam said while addressing the PML-N Minorities Wing convention in the Ravi Road locality in the NA-120 constituency on Tuesday.

Maryam is nowadays leading the election campaign of her mother Kalsoom Nawaz who is contesting the by-election in the NA-120 constituency. Nawaz Sharif was here yesterday, he is here today and he will be here tomorrow, she said. She said that Nawaz Sharif would definitely win the next election.

Speaking to the gathering where provincial minister Khalil Tahir Sandhu was also present, Maryam continued her tirade against disqualification of Nawaz Sharif. Indirectly saying that the case against Nawaz Sharif was decided in haste, Maryam said that cases had been pending in the Supreme Court for months and years. “Make Nawaz Sharif party to these cases and they will be decided in days or months instead of years,” she suggested.

Everyone in the crowd said Nawaz Sharif when Maryam asked them to name who reined in terrorism, brought peace, ended load-shedding, established CPEC and gave motorway and economic stability to the country. The audience named Imran Khan when she asked who gave Pakistan nothing but conspiracies and sit-in politics and conspired against the prime minister who was elected to power by people’s vote.

Maryam gave the credit for the ongoing cricket series in Lahore to Nawaz Sharif’s efforts for peace during the last four years. “Does a prime minister who gave Pakistan everything merit disqualification?” she asked. Everyone said “no”. She said that economy was sinking, religious places were being targeted by terrorists and the country had plunged into darkness when Nawaz Sharif took over in 2013. It was Nawaz Sharif who gave peace, improved economy and growth rate and took the stock market to a record high. She said although the PML-N ruled the country, the stock market came down sharply after Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification. She said the lion would strike back by the grace of God.

Maryam said that Nawaz League's lion would sway everywhere in NA-120 constituency on Sunday (September 17), the day of by-election.

Maryam exhorted the minority members to support Nawaz Sharif in his struggle and vote for Kalsoom Nawaz if they wanted respect for the elected members, their vote, democracy and will of the people. She appreciated the enthusiasm, love, affection and respect she received from people everywhere she went in the constituency. She particularly thanked the Cathedral authorities for holding a prayer meeting for the health of her parents and recovery of her mother, Kalsoom Nawaz.

Meanwhile, Maryam presided over a consultative meeting to expedite the election campaign in the NA-120 constituency for Kalsoom Nawaz. Party legislators and women workers also attended the meeting. Everyone at the meeting pledged to support Kalsoom Nawaz in the NA-120 by-elections.

On this occasion, a moment of silence was also observed for the Rohingya Muslims who were being killed at the hands of Myanmar government forces and extremist groups.