PESHAWAR - The tribal students of different educational institutions on Saturday staged a protest demonstration against the planning of a US Pastor to again burn the copies of Holy Quran here outside the press club.
The protest led by Mohmand Students Federation (MSF), President Adnan Khan Mashokhel along with dozens of tribal students gathered at the main Sher Shah Suri Road.  The enraged protesters set the American flag and effigy of the US pastor Terry Jones on fire and chanted slogans against the US and Jewish lobby for announcement to again desecrate the Holy Book by burning its copies . Addressing the protestors, the student leaders strongly condemned the US government and American extremist pastor Terry Jones, who plans to again set on fire copies of the Holy Quran .
They also criticised the leaders of the Muslim world for playing a role of silent spectator despite seeing such inhuman and condemnable blasphemy act with the hands of a priest.
Repeating this inhuman act by a US pastor time and again was tantamount to play with the sentiments and religious feelings of billions of Muslim across the world. “We will render sacrifices of our lives but to protect the sanctity and respect of the Holy book Quran , they vowed.
The protesters asked the government to take up the issue with the US government through diplomatic channel to stop the pastor Terry Jones of again desecrating the Holy Quran , otherwise, its repercussions will be alarming, they warned.
The demonstrators also criticized the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board for the removal of Islamic chapters from English book of grade nine and ten, and cautioned not to play with the Islamic teachings on the behest of anti-Islam elements.