LAHORE - Punjab University Department of Applied Psychology organised a talk on “Women Harassment .” The talk was given by an eminent expert Dr Fauzia Saeed, member Implementation Watch Committee, Govt of Punjab and Chair & Founder of AASHA, a partnership for fighting against women harassment .
Dr Fauzia Saeed talked about issue of harassment in our society and emphasised the need for females to be well-informed about manifestation and combating with harassment . She stressed that instead of placing responsibility on the victim, the culprit should be taken to task for such actions. She also stressed that men have an important role in reducing this issue, they can use peer pressure to civilise their male friends.
Department Chairperson Prof Dr Rukhsana Kausar thanked the speaker and presented her departmental souvenir. The talk was attended by faculty members and students from Applied Psychology and Gender Studies departments.