LAHORE – Pakistan Twenty20 skipper M Hafeez has dismissed allegations of his desire to secure captaincy in all formats of cricket.
After a disastrous performance in the three-match Test series against South Africa, multiple private television channels in Pakistan claimed that Misbah and Hafeez are having massive differences, which are adversely affecting the team’s performance. However, the T20 captain dispelled the speculations, saying that he has brotherly relations with Misbah .
Hafeez said he had no obsession to become captain and added captaincy could not be snatched, and that hatching conspiracies had never been a part of his career. “There is no rift whatsoever between me and Misbah . All the rumours of a rift are fake and a disgrace for our country. Misbah is just like my elder brother and both of us enjoy a very good working relationship.”
Hafeez also denied that he had any altercation with Misbah over the batting order. He said he would willingly play even at seventh position if he was asked to do so. “I sacrificed my opening slot for Ahmed and Nasir, which goes to show my loyalty and I am ready to bat at any number as my priority is the team.” Hafeez also ridiculed the impression that he was interfering in selection matters of the playing XI. Hafeez believes that such news creates confusion among the general public and the families of the players. “I urge the reporters not to report on assumptions, but to run breaking news on receiving proofs. We play abroad and stay far away from our families. They get worried and hurt by all these rumours and try to contact us,” the T20 skipper concluded.