As August kicks off we see patriotism around us everywhere and celebrate August 14th as the Independence Day of Pakistan. If we go through the history of Pakistan, we come to know that it was not this Pakistan which was demanded by our leaders. Mr. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal, Johar Brothers, and other great leaders did not want this Pakistan. We always complain about the military coups, corrupt leaders, poor economy, poor democracy, energy crisis, water crisis, unemployment, inflation, and terrorism etc, but we have never ask ourselves a question: what have we actually given to Pakistan? We blame our rulers but we haven’t blamed ourselves at any point. 

We always regret what has been happening to Pakistan for decades. This day reminds us the sacrifices of our leaders for the struggle of Pakistan and we always promise to contribute to our country every year but it only remains a so-called promise. The fact all evils in our country exist, is that we as a nation have never tried to fix Pakistan. Instead of being Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we have no rules according to Islam, We are the nation who is ranked number 116th in the World Corruption Index of Transparency International (TI), We are the nation who are ranked on number 152nd on the Global Peace Index, our country is running on foreign debts instead of having abundant amount of natural resources. We are the nation who’s natural resources are being utilized by other countries like CPEC and we are the nation who call these projects a “game changer”. We are the nation that does not have a pure and strong foreign policy, we don’t have any leader who can present Pakistan’s case on international level. We are the nation whose leaders read chits when they go to deliver something internationally. We are the nation, who have least literacy ratio. We are the nation who pay the taxes, who face terrorism and energy crises, water crises, floods, target killing, and street crime etc. These are the facts which can’t be ignored at all. After decades one thing must be noted what we have given to Pakistan, we the youth and fresh blood of this country. If we sum up the results the answer is nothing, we have given nothing to our beloved country. We are the youth who thinks that “kiyun parhen, naukri tou milni nahi”.  

When something wrong happens, we are the youth, who thinks “Pakistan hai, hota hai”. We are the youth who thinks, “agar sab karte hein tou mein nay konsa gunah karlia”. We are the youth who thinks “parh k kia karna paise bhar k job le leinge” We are the youth who bunks classes, we are the youth which is dependent on elders, “Paida kia hai unho ne tou paal bhi leinge”. However, these remarks come out of frustration which everyone faces in Pakistan. But let me remind you one thing, there is nothing in the world which is impossible. Every one of you is capable of doing everything, but you need to be a self confident and determined person. Believe me you can fly high, you can change the world. It is said “change begins with I”, so if we change ourselves, our souls, our minds, then we can change the world. Every individual can make a difference in the world, just be a focused and positive one. Let’s promise once again to contribute to our beloved land of Pakistan. It is said, “The future you is the present you are” 

You may take the world wherever you want and it is actually your present which decides your future . The right direction of your present decides your bright future and vice versa. 

You may use your present to cherish people, you can make people laugh, you may distribute love and kindness to the world or you may be the reason of miseries behind others’ lives. You may enlighten your life with the highest achievements and success or you may perish your dreams, you may waste your energy in promoting education or you may use it to make nuclear bombs to destroy humanity. You may enhance the world of technology with your capabilities to be fruitful for the whole mankind or you may use it in a way to harm humanity. You may use your energy to plant more and more trees to save the climate around you or you may cut the trees to cause destruction to the climate. However, you may be the dreamer only or a dream snatcher (successful one). Be the person who you are, or be the person you want to be, dreaming only will not give you the results. As Walt Disney said, “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. 

For this we have to be the change if we want our country to be a nation which was wanted by our leaders. Let’s educate ourselves and our surroundings to be the symbol of change. We should follow the paths of our Prophet (P.B.U.H), and our great leaders. We should take steps to educate our youth, both male and female. We must strive hard to get rid of these evils. We can only and only do it through education, it doesn’t matter if we have no educational policies, it doesn’t matter if we haven’t any strong educational institutes. Every individual can make a difference to spread awareness. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was called “prophet of education” by Gandhi. Prophet (P.B.U.H) has said, “seek knowledge from cradle to grave”. Quaid-e-Azam said, “work, work, and work”. These are the quotes which clearly show how necessary education really is. It is also said that if you want to destroy any nation, snatch education from them. Today we must promise to ourselves that we’ll quit all the useless things from our lives and focus on something that is the desperate need of the hour for the betterment of our beloved country Pakistan. It’s “now or never”. We don’t need another 70 years to spend in the darkness. 

Happy Independence Day to all. 

Pakistan Zindabad. 

Pakistan Paaendabad. 

Long Live Pakistan. 


Larkana, August 17.