islamabad - A committee has found massive irregularities during a probe into the employment of officials on contract and daily wages basis in Capital Development Authority.

The committee observed lack of qualification in 15 cases, lack of course in 26 cases, lack of experience in 17 cases, tampering in 1 case and nepotism in 6 cases.

The inquiry committee detected many violations in a number of cases. The committee cited 22 rules/policies for the purpose. The findings of the inquiry committee revealed that in some cases despite having no ban on the recruitment, appointments were made on daily wages on pick and choose basis between the year 2010 and 2012. On the other hand, in some cases, applicants did not address to the authority for any particular post except providing their CV, which does not make any sense for consideration of daily wages employment in PBS-16 to BPS-18.

In technical cadres like Engineering Wing, the appointee, in some cases, possessed bachelors degree in the telecommunication and electronic discipline and registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as Telecom or Electronic Engineer, were appointed in Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Directorate whereas the required discipline was bachelors degree in electrical with major subject related to power.

In some cases, Departmental Recruitment Committee (DRC) conducted the interview of a single candidate and committee unanimously recommended for his/her employment without pointing out any discrepancy. In addition to the above, determination of suitability of degree in relation to the job is the responsibility of the department, which is already defined in SR-1992, but the same was not followed. Discrepancies were also found in appointments under PM’s Assistant Package. The inquiry committee further found that ‘son employee quota’ of 20 per cent, as per CDA Service Regulations, was also misused.

The directions of cabinet sub-committee on regularization about regularization of employees were also ignored, according to the committee findings.

The three-member committee was headed by Hamayun Akhtar, Director Sector Development.

Rana Tahir Hassan Khan, Deputy Director (Forest) and Abdul Manan Khan, Deputy Director, HRD-III were members of the committee. The inquiry committee was mandated to conduct and ascertain detailed physical inspection and take stock of the ground situation/facts on account of engagement of daily wages and contract employments during January 1, 2011, to December 31, 2012.

The inquiry committee was further mandated to ascertain what kind of irregularities were committed by the officers/officials during the engagement of daily wagers and contract employees

The inquiry committee has recommended that the authority may proceed against the officers and officials involved in omission and commission in the illegal daily wagers’ appointment. The experience certificate used for daily wages appointments may be authenticated through Directorate of Security. The notifications of daily wages employees, not meeting the basic eligibility criteria, favoritism, nepotism, committed as well as the appointment made against advertised posts on June 20, 2009, on pick and choose basis may be de-notified.

The inquiry committee further recommended scrutiny of credentials of the said daily wages employees as per CDA SR-1992 and scrutiny of experience certificates submitted by the especially-constituted committee.