MIRUR (AJK)-AJK Chief Justice Chaudhry Ibrahim Zia Wednesday stressed delivery of speedy and inexpensive justice and pledged to make an all-out effort to bring about reforms in the judicial system of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
He delivered these remarks while addressing a high level meeting of the officials of judiciary, administration including police and various nation-building institutions.
He also directed that judicial officials, staff and police not be negligent, apathetic and inattentive in dispensation of speedy and inexpensive justice for the supremacy of law and the Constitution. Justice Ibrahim Zia advised for making collective efforts to identify the mistakes if prevailing in all nation-building institutions including judiciary and the administration with focus on discouraging the mistakes.
He pointed out that all sectors of life across the world were at the path to speedy progress. “Our performance in the endeavours for nation-building should also be encouraging at large,” he added. The chief justice also called for individual and collective efforts to overcome the social evils and ill deeds for the reformation of the society instead of following the path of criticism for criticism.
He said that all the national institutions shall have to perform their respective obligations for the reorganisation and establishment of a civilised society in true perspective.
Seeking delivery of speedy and inexpensive justice, he said that he was making every possible efforts to bring about reforms in the judicial system of Azad Jammu & Kashmir to pave the way for the delivery of speedy and inexpensive justice to the litigants including poor and down trodden.
“It is my earnest desire that the civil suits should be disposed of within three years time frame,” he declared. He observed that the timely dispensation of justice may discourage unrest and chaos in the society to larger extent,” he said.