Five-judge bench continued the hearing of review petition on Panama verdict filed by Nawaz Sharif and his family today. During the hearing larger bench observed the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report showed that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did receive salary from Dubai based Capital FZE company

Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked that employment agreement mentioned that salary of 10,000 dirhams was sent to Nawaz Sharif. While adding to that Nawaz Sharif received first salary in 2013, the bench stated that former premier held an salary account for this purpose. 

Upon that Nawaz Sharif's legal counselor, Khawaja Haris argued that his client did not hold account for this purpose. "How can court admit verbally that Nawaz Sharif did not get any salary ," asked Justice Afzal. 

The counselor further argued that not every salary is asset because it can only be in cash or deposit to bank. 

"If a person eat a burger by an specific amount of money and that money becomes asset of that burger seller," replied the court. 

Haris further raised question on authenticity of JIT report calling it 'incomplete' and that court cannot take a verdict on an 'incomplete' report . The larger bench replied that court did not give its verdict on bases of JIT report

The court further mentioned that Nawaz Sharif was saved by Supreme Court on several occasions although he violated basic rights. "Whenever their were cases against Sharif for violating legal codes, it was Supreme Court which saved him," the bench asserted.