While cricket enthusiasts have welcomed the World XI series with open arms, the residents of Lahore have had to face some difficulties as a result of the event. These considerations might seem small when it comes to the security and safety of the players, however, the daily life of the residents cannot be ignored just to welcome cricket back home.

The match day city management in Lahore has raised a lot of concerns. The city was almost on lock down because of the movement of the foreign players. Several major routes were cordoned off, and the residents had to find alternate routes to their destinations – all without proper guidance from the authorities. Financial activity in the city centre came to a standstill as people could not get to work. Schools and universities in the adjoining areas have been closed off. One of the most talked about cases is that of the Forman Christian College (FC), where the government has compulsorily occupied their parking space and as a result, classes will now start a week later.

The authorities, in their desire for having a successful event, are not realizing that there has to be balance between their security considerations and the rest of the Lahore . Everyday life in Lahore cannot come to a halt because of a cricket event. A seething populace takes away from the entertainment value, and unexplained, convoluted and arbitrary travel plans will discourage people from attending – as was witnessed by the partially filled Gaddafi stadium on the first match day.

Effective planning for the event would have prevented the lock down of the city. Before the situation gets out hand a few things need to be done immediately; the security cordon needs to be made smaller and major thoroughfares – such as Main Boulevard and Ferozpur Road – should be opened. The chaos across the city as seen on Tuesday and Wednesday cannot happen every time there is a match.