LAHORE -  The Election Commission of Pakistan has failed to resolve the two main issues raised by an independent candidate in NA-120, The Nation has learnt.

The issues, according to Milli Muslim League-backed candidate Yaqoob Sheikh, are that he is not being allowed to approach around 1,000 voters living in vicinity of Governor House and that an extra time is required at the polling stations where the ECP is installing 100 biometric machines on experimental basis.

According to details, Yaqoob submitted an application with the ECP seeking access to 1,001 registered voters in Governor House falls under the constituency.  However, the ECP in its reply expressed apology and stated that only Governor House management could give permission about it due to security reasons.

“We have the basic right to approach every voter of the constituency under the law but are not being allowed to run campaign in the Governor House where more than 1,000 voters live,” he told The Nation.

Yaqoob appealed the concerned authorities to give him permission to run his campaign inside the walled locality of the Governor House at The Mall. Now when only three days left in the polling process, he said, we were hopeful the authorities will act quickly on our request.

When contacted, Governor House spokesperson Aga Mashood Shorish said he was unable to comment on the situation and will discuss the matter with relevant authorities.

On the other side, he requested the ECP to give extra time at 39 polling stations where the ECP was going to install 100 biometric machines on experimental basis.  A voter will use the digital machine only to check his vote and after that he/she will have to cast the vote manually and during this exercise the time limit will certainly enhance.

Since the process required more time, Yaqoob pointed out in a meeting with ECP authorities, the polling stations where the machines are being installed must allow extra time for voting process.

“Polling time should be enhanced at least two hours where biometric machines are going to be fixed,” he demanded of the ECP.

The Commission, he said, although admitted the point he raised was logical but did not give a satisfactory reply that how it is going to solve this issue. He hoped the authorities will consider his request.