Since 1988, Myanmar has enjoyed close political, diplomatic and security relations with China. Throughout the 1990s and up to this day both countries have strong economic terms as well. China is the leading trade partner of Myanmar. China’s economic cooperation supports the present regime. Calling each other ‘paukphaw’- a Myanmar word for siblings- both states adopt criminal silence whenever human rights are abused in one of the two countries.

A statement given recently, confirms Chinese support of Myanmar. The statement by the Chinese government was released in times when virtually every other country is criticizing the Myanmar state authorities for their indiscriminate violent activities against the Rohingya. India and Israel are the other two exceptions to the global outrage against the Myanmar authorities’ crimes.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, told a regular news briefing, “ee support Myanmar’s efforts in upholding peace… order and the normal life there will be recovered as soon as possible.” The spokesperson urged the international community to support the efforts of Myanmar in safeguarding the stability of the country’s national development. Important to remember is the fact that China has invested huge sums of finances in the infrastructural development of Myanmar. Therefore, China, as any other capitalist economy falls to the contradiction of capitalism, has turned ears deaf to what is otherwise termed as a textbook example of genocide.

The statement of the spokesperson from Beijing already foretells how China will resist any move the global community makes against Myanmar in the upcoming sessions of United Nation (UN). Despite the UN’s criticism of India on the issue, China’s support to Myanmar government can be seen as a blow to the efforts of international community to put a stop to the state oppression against the Rohingyas. India and Israel are important allies in the UN, but having a Chinese veto in your corner goes a long way in the United Nation Security Council – as Pakistan has observed in the past.

The Chinese support for Myanmar leaves Pakistan in an awkward position – its government and politicians condemned the violence vocally and unequivocally, but our “all-weather friend” seems to care little for our protests. We have already witnessed the Chinese repression of the Uighurs, disregard for another Muslim ethnic group should not surprise us.

So where Chinese government sees the national development of Myanmar as an act of civilization; the suppression of Rohingyas simultaneously makes such actions acts of barbarism.