A suspicious unidentified gunman opened aerial fire on Jinnah Avenue near Kulsoom Plaza in the federal capital on Thursday and kept traffic and business activities in the area suspended for many hours.
According to details, an unknown armed man, wearing black clothes, entered in Red Zone of Islamabad in a black car, with a woman and two little children, and created fear and harassment with aerial firing in the locality.
Heavy contingent of police and a large number of local people also gathered around the car of the suspicious person.
The man was carrying two automatic weapons and he fires with those with breaks to keep the crowd and police away from his car.
Many senior police officials including SSP Dr. Rizwan were also present at the scene to control the situation and persuade the man to surrender peacefully.
The hostage like situation prevailed at the location for long as the armed man was very comfortably sitting in the car, parked in the center of main road, and his two children are sitting on back seat with ease while the woman is performing as a negotiator between his husband and police officials.
The woman was constantly talking on mobile phone to someone and some time gives her mobile phone to that armed person to talk with someone.
The police and rangers have cordoned off the area while four sharp shooters have been also placed in different directions to take action when get chance.
Despite repeated request from the police officials, the armed man has refused to surrender the weapons and him.
The man has made some ambiguous demands in between the negotiations with SSP
Dr. Rizwan through that woman. He is reported to be demanding that the current system be removed in the country and that an Islamic system replace it. He also demanded a safe exit and protection for his family.
The man has demanded presence of at least five senior police officials for further talks and negotiations with him. He has also revealed on the scene that he is doing it all for Islam and he demand of Islam in the country.
Sources have revealed that the armed man is Sikandar s/o Malik and he belongs to Mohala Qazipura of Punjab’s Hafizabad area. The woman is his wife and her name is Kanwal. Children’s names are Abdullah and Farwa and they are son and daughter of Sikandar and Kanwal.
People of Sikandar’s residential area in Hafizabad have told that he is a drug addict and have another wife, Hania, in Dubai. This man had also lived in Dubai for over 20 years. Few years back, he returned to country and settled in Mohala Qazipura of Hafizabad.
The neighbors have informed that Sikandar is a man of strange conduct and do not have good reputation in the locality.
Police and other officials are speaking with the man in order to defuse the situation. So far he has refused to lay down his weapons.
The gunman has also threatened to target Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.